Valworx, established in 1991, is a trusted supplier of actuated valves and controls, holding the prestigious ISO 9001 certification. With a commitment to quality and efficiency, Valworx offers a wide range of automated valve assemblies that are meticulously built, tested, and shipped on the same day.

Catering to industrial, institutional, and government sectors, Valworx prides itself on providing hundreds of reliable valve solutions to meet various operational needs. With a focus on precision engineering and timely delivery, Valworx has established itself as a go-to source for actuated valves and controls in the market.

Valworx: A Trusted Supplier

Valworx, established in 1991, is an ISO 9001-certified supplier of actuated valves and controls. We specialize in providing hundreds of automated valve assemblies to industrial, institutional, and government markets. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our ability to build, test, and ship these assemblies the same day.

With over 30 years of experience, Valworx has garnered a reputation for reliability and quality. Our dedication to meeting the needs of our customers sets us apart in the industry. By offering a wide range of actuated valves and controls, we ensure that our clients receive products tailored to their specific requirements.

At Valworx, customer satisfaction is at the core of our operations. Our team of experts is always ready to assist clients in finding the right solutions for their applications. We strive to uphold our reputation as a trusted supplier by providing superior products and exceptional service.

Automated valve assemblies

Automated Valve Assemblies

Valworx provides a wide selection of automated valve assemblies designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we take pride in offering high-quality products that deliver reliable performance in various applications.

Our automated valve assemblies are meticulously built and rigorously tested to ensure optimal functionality and durability. Each assembly undergoes strict quality control measures to meet our ISO 9001 certification standards, guaranteeing that our customers receive products of the highest quality every time.

Whether you require pneumatic, electric, or manual actuation, Valworx offers a range of options to suit your specific requirements. Our same-day shipping policy ensures prompt delivery, allowing you to quickly integrate our automated valve assemblies into your system with minimal downtime.

Same-Day Shipping

Valworx takes pride in our commitment to providing same-day shipping for our customers. As an ISO 9001-certified supplier established in 1991, we understand the importance of timeliness in the delivery of actuated valves and controls. Our streamlined processes and dedicated team ensure that orders are processed efficiently to meet the demands of the industrial, institutional, and government markets we serve.

Customers can rely on Valworx for quick turnaround times without compromising on the quality of our automated valve assemblies. Our rigorous testing procedures guarantee that each product meets our high standards before being shipped out to our customers. This attention to detail is reflected in the trust our clients place in us, knowing that they can count on Valworx for prompt and reliable service.

By offering same-day shipping, Valworx demonstrates our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether it’s a critical industrial application or a government project, our expedited shipping ensures that our customers receive their actuated valves and controls in a timely manner without delays. At Valworx, efficiency is not just a goal – it’s a promise we deliver on every day.